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Welcome to Lee County Archers.Com

Lee County Archers, Inc. is a not for profit Florida Corporation. As stated in our By-law, our objectives are: to support the goals and maintain membership in the NFAA and FAA; to conduct archery competitions in accordance with FAA rules; to offer membership to all archers who request it; to offer instruction to all archers who seek it; to provide a social forum and practice site for all members.

We lease a large portion of Nalle Grade County Park from the Lee County Park Department for our home range. We maintain a 28 target Field Range, 40 lanes with earthen berms for our 3-D shoots, and a lighted 20 yard range and lighted 30 to 70 yard sight in range.

Our entire range is "archer friendly" ---- very few arrows are lost on our range. We have one of the best facilities in the state. The range is open to the public on Thursday from 2 pm to 6 pm. On the first Sunday of the month we hold a target shoot, usually an American 900, and on the third Sunday of the month we hold 3-D competition. Both are open to the public for a nominal fee. Thursdays are the best times to look the range over, talk to the members, have the range rules explained, and decide if you would like to join.  Membership runs from August 1 to July 31, and the present fee is 120 dollars.  The club prides itself on being a truly inclusive club. We have active members in all categories of the sport, from longbow to compound/freestyle. As a member you are given the combination to the locks and can use the range at any time.

There are certified NFAA and NAA instructors in the club and many other true experts in all fields of archery who can help. Please talk with us before you start buying equipment. The most common mistake we see is new bows with 60 to 70 pound draw weights. It's usually followed by, "I want to hunt with it." Hunt what, there are no cape buffalo in Florida. Or "that's all they had", and "you'll grow into it".

The club publishes a newsletter on alternate months which is published on this web site.


President . . . . . Bill Ziegler . . . . 330-591-8166
Vice Pres . . . . . Ben Brown . . . . 239-826-2017
Sec/Tres . . . . . Michelle Stahl . . 239-707-5535

Board Members:

Mike Ball - - - - - - - - Joe Simone
Roger Fahrner - - - - - Herb Metz
Heather Johnson - - - Dan Keyser     
Phone: 239-369-6212

Mailing Address: Lee County Archers
PO Box 1437 - Lehigh Acres, FL 33970